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Jeff Kieny, noted author, historian and tackle collector has been a member of The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club for 25 years. His first book, Patented Hooks, Harnesses & Bait-Holders - Identification and Value Guide with Collections was published in 2008. Jeff is a passionate lifetime fisherman and enjoys fishing with antique fishing lures and tackle. Now semi-retired, Jeff and his wife Glee live in Missouri, south of Kansas City. 

Education & Background:


Times were tough and the challenges many in the first half of the 20th Century. Basic needs like food, clothing and shelter were life's highest priorities. In such lean times, self reliance became the norm. Fishing might supply the family table but often the common man simply could not afford to purchase factory-made lures; or, even more frequently, he had a better idea for a fish-catching creation…


The significant merit and historical importance of vintage folk art fishing lures and tackle have remained largely undiscovered by the folk art community.


This book will change that. Over 700 striking color photos and fascinating text presents vintage folk art fishing lures, predominantly from the first half of the 20th century, as small, exquisite, handcrafted treasures. Originally made only for catching fish, these lures were assembled from available materials and household supplies. Through their makers' vision and talent, miniature sculptures were created. Each lure is unique and personal.


30 pages of detailed background, historical, and introductory sections complement photos with detailed captions conveying the limitless range of lure designs from primitives to elaborate folk art classics.

First-ever detailed benchmarks to assess an individual folk art lure's quality, condition, authenticity, and value. This book is a treasure for fishermen and folk art collectors, displaying lures from both known and anonymous makers.


The book may be ordered directly through the publisher, Schiffer Books, by clicking:

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